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We wrote the book on self-defense in bars.

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Welcome to Bar-jutsu.com!

Don’t just stand there. Come on in!

Welcome to the home of Bar-jutsu. Or at least it’s our home when we’re not somewhere else. Like a bar. Or a party. Or some creepy place we’d rather not talk about publicly.

We hope you’re here to learn a little more about self-defense, the Bar-jutsu movement and our approach to conflict management. Maybe you’re here after reading our book Bar-jutsu: The American Art of Barfighting (if not, what are you waiting for…buy it here).

Whatever your reason for visiting, we’re glad you stopped by. We love it when company comes over. Stay awhile and take a look around. If you must leave, come back often; we’ll be updating the site with new content regularly. After all, what kind of hosts would we be if we brought out stale goods every time you visit?

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Barroom Trivia:

The phrase "Mind your P's and Q's" comes from the typical serving sizes in old English pubs; Pints and Quarts. Bartenders often had to ask patrons to "Mind your own Pints and Quarts" when they became unruly. You might call this an early form of conflict management. Bar-jutsu reminds you to mind your own P's and Q's safely and responsibly.

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